Welcome to our pages devoted to love.
Writing about love can appear rather pretentious as the term in itself is enormous. Yes, it is enormous because the concept of love covers everything, not only love between humans but also everything living, and also inanimate objects such as  works of art, buildings, cars and all types of things. It can, therefore, be difficult to comprehend that one can feel love for something which cannot return this love.
What then of love for ones own country, the love of life and of God, and what of love for music and for flowers ?
The word “love” embraces much more than we usually associate with the word.
In this project we intend, therefore, to throw some light on how the power of love moves inside us, because love is not a constant and unchangeable concept. As with all living things our love also experiences cycles and periods.
Just now Adolescents between 14 and 21 are in their third life cycle whilst you, who are Adult 1, are in your fourth life cycle.

In this concept, which concerns love, we want to place the emphasis on you. We wish to make you aware of yourself as a person of love, regardless of whether you are boy or girl, young or old, homo or hetero. For love does not question age, profession, wealth or appearance. It only asks about your ability to love something else more than yourself.

On our web pages you can check the powers of your love in a Love Test, and read a love booklet about the diversity of the powers of love, in order to achieve the chance to experience that love is more colourful than you had ever imagined.