These pages deal with you and this cycle in your life. Because – your time is now, in your third cycle. And this cycle lasts from you are 14 until you reach 21. A short period in a long life you might say, but stop a while and I will now tell you something you perhaps do not know.
Now is the time ! This is the most important time in your life, it is now you shape your life, it is now life opens up for you and offers temptations and reveals everything you will experience in the future. All your senses, your sense of smell, your innermost and your outermost feelings, together with all the experiences of your first 14 years will now be shaped to create the individual who, at the age of 21, is at its most complete.

On every day, and in every year, of your third cycle you will notice that you are changing. You change to a new skin incessantly, and unrest and chaos compete with time which, without doubt, moves faster that at any time later in life. This is your time, it is now you are alive, between larva and pupa stages, so that one day you can fly off into life as a beautiful butterfly. You do not notice that all the rest of us are spectators watching your metamorphosis, in one of life’s most beautiful Art of Love shows, where you are playing your own leading role.

I only hope that you, at the age of 21, do not look back and ask “Where was I then ?” “Have I had the leading role in my transformation without noticing it ?”.